Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Quitting Ragnarok Online


I am quitting Ragnarok Online Philippines or maybe even the game Ragnarok Online for good. But before I do, let me share this patcher bypass video.

I am quitting because of a few reasons, if you wish to bore yourself with the details, read on.

1. Millennials, Macros, Multiple Clients, and Programmable Keyboards have taken over the game and they are zealously dedicated in mutilating what is left of the game that I hold dearest to my heart. Macros and Bots are the same shit to me. If you use a trampoline to dunk a basketball, I no longer consider it basketball.

2. Toxic, Cancer, Lazy-Ass, and HYPED-Know-it-all Players continue to infest the game, give wrong advice, and run their mouths about something that they have ZERO experience or knowledge about. Those people who are too lazy to read the ROPH Community posts and still continue to flood the group with FAQs and screenshots of their weak-ass characters. Seriously, everytime I open my Facebook, I feel sick to my stomach.

3. I can no play the game as much as I want to because reality has already caught up with me and it got me tired. I have to work, take care of my kid, and get some sleep.

The main thing is, though there are a lot of players who still cling to the old ways such as myself, we are already too old to play this game with the same passion and tenacity as we did back in the day. And it is heart-shattering to see the remains of this game desecrated by unworthy people who keep harassing and abusing it with their so-called 'new technology'. It's disgusting to see people make it an e-business instead of playing it. It is truly sad to see how the game has 'evolved'.

Lastly, fuck those over-organized guilds who FORCE job classes/roles, voip commands, and builds on their guildsmen. This is an MMORPG game not a flying camera-drone you Millennial fucks! *spits*

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Ragnarok Online Philippines is NOT your philippineRagnarok (Level Up! Games) classic game. The REBOOTED game is now named Ragnarok Online Philippines (ROPH). We'll review some of the BLUNDERS made by the NEW MANAGEMENT.

Their websites and Facebook pages are as follows:

Electronics Extreme (Thailand)
website: http://extreme.co.th/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/electronicsextreme

Elite (Philippines)
website: http://elitegsl.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elitegsl/

Let's start with building up the HYPE for the official relaunch. On May 7th, Electronics Extreme and Elite held a fiasco they blatantly called 'Ragna Festival'

Now, if you have attended the former distributor's (Level Up! Games) 'RagnaFest' events and have experienced the real thing, you will most definitely get HYPED about the new 'Ragna Festival' by the new management. (RagnaFests are amazing spectacles and are often held at large venues like the World Trade Center.)

Unfortunately, the cheapskates only rented a tiny space (not even enough to hold 100+ persons) to host their Event. A thousand fans flocked SM City North EDSA, waited in line for 4-6 hours before finally giving up. Online pre-registration was promoted to 'minimize waiting time and long lines' but it was not honored. People still had to wait in line (that spiraled from the ground floor to the fourth floor).

Their Page also announced beforehand that 'game details will be revealed at the Festival'. No game details were released that day thus pissing players off and killing the HYPE. There was never a set date for the relaunch or any game specifics for that matter since the said event was done for SURVEY purposes. They hosted a bogus event just to see if the game is still a cashcow.

To this day, their Page is stuck at around 75,000 likes. There are not enough players to make their venture profitable and they would most probably pull Level Up! Game's infamous stunt after raking in our money and cutting their losses.

The pRO scam (taken from iROwiki):

Known as pRO, service began on September 2003 and was hosted by Level Up! Games. The management auctioned MVP cards, over upgraded items, rare headgears, and personalized godly items for real money to those who can afford it. Level Up! earned around a million pesos in each of the auction events they organized. After a series of real money auctions and bundle promos, pRO ceased service immediately on March 31, 2015, technically scamming their players before closing. Users were able to merge into a new iRO server named Thor, which opened in April 2015 with some of their items intact. Most of the items were deleted, approximately 500 accounts were wiped out, only a few characters were migrated successfully. pRO was updated to 14.1 at the time of closure.

Ragnarok Online Philippines slogan is 'The time has come once again to experience the legendary MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Continue the legend and relive the glorious past that can never be extinguished!'

People were drawn in because of the promise of reliving the 'Glory Days' of Ragnarok Online. To people in their 30's, this meant the run from 2003 up to the time before Level Up! shot itself in the foot by introducing the notorious tandem known as the Donita and Ligaya NPCs.

Donita and Ligaya were NPCs that hosted 'Poorman's Gambling'. Just gamble a small amount of Zeny and you get a chance to win an Old Card Album. People created bots to automatically gamble for OCA's. The Old Card Albums produced a ton of rare cards that triggered the destruction of the game's economy and game play balance.

The New Management has announced that ROPH will use the 'Revo-Classic' mechanics for the game.

So, what is Revo-Classic in a nutshell?

Revo-Classic is a misborn lovechild sprung from the unholy union of Pre-Renewal (Classic gameplay) and Renewal (the introduction of Third Classes) This applies to the game's mechanics, stats, skills, exp, level limits, and monster placement).

Into the Future...

In ten days the world of Ragnarok Online Philippines will materialize. To start off, there will be two servers (Thor and Loki) to choose from.

Once these servers get saturated, they will follow ROEXE's (formerly thailandRO) path and release the Odin server. They don't really consider suggestions (like the one we suggested to make one server either Pay to Play or Player Kill to balance multi-client abusers out, eventhough a massive chunk of classic-play supporters seem to agree with us) as they follow everything ROEXE does. Ragnarok Online Philippines marketed 'Classic' but still follow ROEXE's 'Revo-Classic' mechanics. This is not really a Philippine server as Elite does not have any say on what Electronics Extreme has decided.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Generation

I have recently submitted an application (not referring to a mobile app, dear Millennial.) to get hired as Radio Jockey. At my age of 33 years, I would say my chances of landing the job are very slim to none.

The fact that I don't have any idea who Ed Sheeran is, automatically disqualifies me. You see, I grew up in a generation when things started to go downhill.

And by downhill, I mean both definitions of the contronym. Things got a lot easier but the situation worsened.

I belong to the last generation that used hard-bound Encyclopedias. We were the last to use (high-quality) branded household appliances and electronics almost exclusively. We never drank coffee when we were kids, for we believed and that only the old people needed the stuff. We didn't go to Starbucks to take photos of what we will be drinking for breakfast. Drinking water as actually regarded as normal. We were the last people who believed that sex was sacred and viewed smutty materials in private.

We were somehow satisfied with our delusional fascination with scented pens, stationeries, and aroma beads (aka Kisses).

Our parents, the Baby Boomers, 'were the enjoyers of unprecedented economic prosperity' and were able fund real properties unlike the generations that followed them. We, the Generation Y (beg to be classed differently from Millennials), have older siblings from Generation X. We grew up listening to music from Gen X'ers and MTV. The Boomers experienced 'a second sexual awakening' a decade after their first offspring and all the teachers know us as the younger siblings of the X-Generation.

'Our formative years looked nothing like those of the Millennial, television came in largely via antenna, our movies were on VHS, our music was on tape cassettes. The internet wasn’t around, and by the time it was in any way that meant something, you could be disconnected by someone picking up a phone somewhere else in the house.'

We are the 'digital natives', we used GeoCities, Napster, MySpace, Friendster and mIRC. Back then, the only annoying things you can find on the web are glittery texts, ugly backdrops, requests for (Friendster) testimonials, and (sadly) multiple mugshots (later termed 'selfies'). People didn't air out dirty laundry on social media back then because the Universe was sensible enough and forbade the existence of the 'LIKE' button.

Walkmans and Discmans we considered portable and outdoorsy.

'We collected CDs assiduously, only to replace them ten or fifteen years later with limitless discographies we could toss in our pockets. Our first cars had tape decks, for god’s sake, and you were a god if it was the kind that automatically switched to side B when side A was finished'.

'A black binder of CDs had permanent shotgun in our cars, and sometimes the discs were so scratched that the player would spit it back out like a wrinkled (peso) bill in a vending machine.'

'I probably will not bother to explain film cameras and one-hour photo developing.'

'We were fully formed adults by the time we got our first cellphones. That, by itself, is enough to separate us from the Millennial tribe. Plans were made by landline phones, and parties happened by word of mouth rather than Facebook.'

Photo filters didn't exist back then, Humans who looked like humans stayed that way (humans who looked like dogs stayed looking like dogs too). Now, everything is backwards. Humans who do not look like dogs seem to want to look like one, and humans who look like dogs can photo-filter themselves to look more human.

Y2K scared the hell out of everyone. Had I known that the year 2000 would bring more than just a computing flaw, I would have been really frightened. Yes, I am a soul stuck in the 90's.

Quoted texts from: Patrick Hipp

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Giant Condiments

Together with my friends and family, a journey was set to SM North EDSA to witness the RagnaFestival. It's been so long since I have traveled via the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and when I finally did, it felt nostalgic. These giant condiments served as the highlight of my childhood commutes.